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Rental offers

Flat rental offers for migrants in Poland

Nysa - rodzina z dziećmi (4 osoby) na 4 miesiące


Miejsca noclegowe dla 4 osób z Ukrainy na 1-2 miesiące, Oborniki Śląskie

Oborniki Śląskie

Mieszkanie w bloku, jedna sypialnia dostępna, max. 4 osoby.


Schronienie dla rodziny z dziećmi (6 osób) - na miesiąc


Nocleg dla ok. 35 osób w Wałbrzychu w kilku domach rodzinnych


Kobiety z dziećmi (wolne 50 miejsc) - Busko-Zdrój, na kilka dni

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Job in Poland for Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians and immigrants from other countries.

Working in Poland for couples is one of the easiest ways to leave to live in another country. Poland is adjacent to Ukraine and provides good conditions for immigration. This means that when looking for a job in Poland and an invitation from an employer, you can apply for a residence card or get a work visa. In order to find a job in Poland for men or a job in Poland for women, you need to install the Workport application, register and in the "Job search" section you can find and filter the best vacancies in Poland that we have on the site.

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