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New job offers in Workport app

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Производство кровельных материалов для крыш

19.00 - 24.00 zł Netto


3900.00 - 5000.00 zł Brutto

Изготовление алюминиевых форм с помощью пресса Dąbrowa Górnicza

3500.00 zł Netto
Dąbrowa Górnicza

Прибиральниця у місті Олькуш

3600.00 zł Brutto

Hаладчик машин m. Olkusz

3500.00 zł Netto

Пластическая обработка металлов (штамповка)

3000.00 - 4000.00 zł Netto
All offers

New job offers in Workport app

Get free access to hundreds of job offers from employers all over Poland.

Rental offers

Flat rental offers for migrants in Poland

Quick Sales on Apple iPhone 14 pro max Watsapp#: +1 540-620-2928

3000per month

Nocleg dla matki z dzieckiem z Ukrainy


Cieszyn - ok. 40 miejsc noclegowych dla osób z Ukrainy


Przyjmę 3 dorosłych + 3 dzieci - Żdżary


20 miejsc dla osób z Ukrainy - Zawoja


Nocleg Wrocław - na kilka dni - matka + 2,3 dzieci

All offers

Immigrant Handbook

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Job in Poland for Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians and immigrants from other countries.

Working in Poland for couples is one of the easiest ways to leave to live in another country. Poland is adjacent to Ukraine and provides good conditions for immigration. This means that when looking for a job in Poland and an invitation from an employer, you can apply for a residence card or get a work visa. In order to find a job in Poland for men or a job in Poland for women, you need to install the Workport application, register and in the "Job search" section you can find and filter the best vacancies in Poland that we have on the site.

Job in Poland. Reviews.

Feedback on employers in Poland is one of the important parts in our application. Those looking for job in Poland want to know as much as possible about the employer. Whether it is working in a warehouse, working in a factory, working in a workshop or working in a specialty, such as working as an electrician, welder in Poland, or working as a truck driver, the attitude of the employer, the conditions provided and the net salary in PLN are always important. The Workport platform has been working in the field of assistance to immigrants in employment for the second year. Here you can find job offers in Poland for women and men of almost any age and with any skill. At the moment, 12000 verified employers and agencies are registered on the site. They post several vacancies, which gives a wide choice of work in Poland and the opportunity to find a vacancy in Poland for almost any of your requests. A significant advantage of our service is that you can search for vacancies in Poland yourself and respond to them, as well as wait after posting your profile on the website until the employer invites you on their own.

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